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Our 'Enchanted Kingdom' birthday party venue is the most amazing and timeless fairytale setting for your son or daughter's special day of celebration.
Here is a description of the activities that take place at our birthday parties.

Candy Box Invites
Our invitations are individually customised and applied to a gift box of marshmallows for you to hand out to your party guests. *Premier Package only*
Candy Box Invitation

Paper Invites
Theme related and for you to customise yourself.
*Mini Package only*
paper invitations

Story Telling
An interactive tale will be told with group participation to compose the story as they watch it unfold.
*Princess & Fairy Premier Parties*

Beading Bracelets
No matter what age or gender the child is they all love to bead necklaces and bracelets.
*All parties*

Party Games
All children love party games especially when they know that everyone will be wining sweeties.
*All parties*

Craft Activities
Creative fun to be had decorating our themed crafts with an abundance of stickers, gems, glitter and glue.
*All parties*
craft boxesbedroom bannercrown

Treasure Hunts
As an ancient treasure map is found, which way will it lead. Maybe to the hidden jewels and coins that are just waiting to be re-discovered. *Pirate party ony*

Speciality make-up is applied by your hostesses. *Premier Packages only*

Character Entertainers
The party is further enhanced with our fully costumed themed characters at all of our parties.

Themed Music
Music will play in the background and the venue will be immersed in melodies to match the theme.

Birthday Tea
From sandwiches and sausage rolls to fairy cakes and biscuits - a delicious feast to behold and not a
burger or chips in sight!
*All parties*

Themed Certificates
Each child will receive a certificate of attendance as a memento of the wonderful time that was had.
*Premier Package only*

'Once Upon A Party'is a magical world of make-believe where we will turn your event into one that will be remembered

Telephone us now to make an enquiry about the availability of a date closest to your son or daughter's next birthday
023 8062 0090

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